Colombian Cutie With Uncut Cock And Thick Pubes

Luis is Colombian and straight and as you can see he has a really cute smile. When he’s not smiling it looks like he has a bit of an attitude but when you’re 19 years old and as hot as he is you can afford it I guess. Luis has a nice smooth chest and an even nicer cock jetting out of a thick dark bush of pubs. Luis enjoys working on cars and having a good time with his friends. He also loves sex and says that he gets a lot of it. Of course, it’s easy to see why when you are as hot and hung as this young Papi!


Mike Has Lips That Would Look Good On My Dick

The thing that I noticed first on Mike was his big brown eyes. They’re very expressive and soulful. I’d love to stare into them as I fucked his tight bubble butt ass! Then I noticed his lips, full and sensuous. It would be great to have those licking and sucking at my cock! And finally, I’m drawn to Mike’s hunky body. He’s hairless and toned, just the way I like them! Can’t you just imagine sucking that tasty dick all night? Check out more of Mike as he hangs out in a pool over at Latin Jocks!

(I found this guy on a website called Latin Jocks but it looks like the site is no longer online. Too bad!)